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Symphonic Band

Schedule for MPA- Friday, March 4:

4pm Pizza dinner

4:30pm Change into tuxes and dresses (distributed Friday)
5pm School buses depart for Eastside 
6pm arrive and unpack
7pm Warmup
8pm  Sight-reading and Student Conductor
8:30pm Support Eastside concessions
9:30pm depart for sfhs

The Symphonic Band's 2016 program will consist of:

British Folk Song by Hiroki Takahashi 
One Thousand Cranes by Robert Sheldon
Der Vogelhandler (The Bird Seller) by Carl Zeller arr. By Eiji Suzuki

The Symphonic Band will perform at 7:30pm on Friday, March 4 at Eastside High School.  

Congratulations to the Symphonic Band on their Straight Superior Rating at District MPA!!! 

Congratulations to the Symphonic Band on their Straight Superior rating at State MPA and Otto J. Kraushaar Award!!

Alumni- come join us for the Spring Concert on Tuesday, May 13 at 7:00pm.  If you are interested in playing, please email Mr. Bisco about receiving music.  

We will perform:
Soreal Qureal Noir by SF Senior Solomon Williams- 
The Divine Comedy by Robert W. Smith:
The Inferno

State MPA Schedule- Wednesday, April 23, 2014:
9:00am- Check in with 1st period teacher then report to band room.  Change into concert uniform.
9:30am- Depart for Daytona Beach via Candies Motorcoaches
12:00pm- Arrival at News-Journal Center, eat lunch
12:50pm- Warmup
1:25pm- Performance (free and open to public)
2:10pm- Watch bands
4:30pm- Dinner at Golden Corral, Port Orange
8:00pm- Approximate arrival at Santa Fe 

The symphonic band announces its 2014 District MPA Program:

Reference Recordings:
Arsenal by Jan Van der Roost

Walls of Zion by Greg Danner

Symphonic Dance No. 3 "Fiesta" by Clifton Williams

Rehearsal Recordings:
April 21:
Walls of Zion-  
Symphonic Dance No. 3 "Fiesta"-  

April 16:

Symphonic Dance No. 3 (F --> end)-  

March 4:
Symphonic Dance No. 3-

February 25:
Walls of Zion-
Symphonic Dance No.3-

Recording of Liturgical Dances by David Holsinger for Spring Concert.  Alumni, please contact Mr. Bisco to get parts. 

Watch the Symphonic Band perform The Nutcracker Suite from the 2012 Winter Concert:

We will be bringing back our Symphonic Band camp this year on Saturday, February 9.  This will be a mandatory and very educational event!  The schedule will consist of the following:
10:00am-12:00pm-    Sectionals with University of Florida Music Students
12:00pm-1:00pm-     Pizza Lunch
1:00-4:00pm-            Full band clinic with esteemed Florida band director, Jack Crew

Come see the Santa Fe High School Symphonic Band perform at the FBA District 4 MPA on Thursday, March 14, 8:30pm at Eastside High School. 

The Santa Fe High School Symphonic Band presents its 2013 District MPA program:

Please listen to the following reference recordings:

New for State MPA: They Hung Their Harps in the Willows, by W. Francis McBeth

España Cañi by Pasqual Marquina, arr. by Robert Longfield

Come Sweet Death by Alfred Reed

Courtly Airs and Dances by Ron Nelson

Rehearsal Recordings for students to reference:
April 23:
España Cañi:

They Hung Their Harps in the Willows:

April 22 (no percussion):
España Cañi:

They Hung Their Harps in the Willows:

Courtly Airs and Dances:
April 10:
They Hung Their Harps in the Willows (sorry for the noise distortion in the ff sections):

April 8 (no percussion):
España Cañi:

They Hung Their Harps in the Willows:

March 12:
España Cañi:

Come Sweet Death:

Courtly Airs and Dances:

March 5:

February 13(no percussion):
España Cañi:

Come Sweet Death:
February 5:
España Cañi:
Come Sweet Death:
Courtly Airs and Dances:

January 31
Espana Cani:

Courtly Airs and Dances:

 Our District MPA Seating Test will be in class on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 8-9.  The test will be a major portion of your 2nd 9-week grade.  Tests will be played blind (director can't see you).  Once all have tested, some students, based on their results, will be given the choice of switching parts. 

All students will test on the Concert G harmonic minor scale and the Concert C natural minor scale.  1 octave, FBA-style with arpeggio

Musical Excerpts on the Test:

Instrument   España Cañi Courtly Airs and Dances 
 Flute m. 89-112  I: m. 10-end, IV: m. 105-112 
 Oboe m. 89-112   I: m. 10-end, IV: m. 113-end
 Bb Clarinet m. 83-112  I: m. 10-end, IV: m. 113-end (upper notes optional) 
Low Reeds  m. 121-128, m. 154-end All- I: m. 10-end
BCl/Bsn- III: m. 7-16
BSax: IV: m. 105-end 
Alto/Tenor Sax   m. 65-72, m. 118-138 I: m. 10-end, IV: m. 105-end 
 Trumpet m. 14-19, m. 39-46 I: m. 10-end, VI: m. 1-17 
 Horn  m. 108-138 I: m. 10-end, VI: m. 54-end
 Trombone m. 10-19, m. 154-end  I: m. 10-end, VI: m. 1-17
Euphonium  m. 121-138, m. 154-end I: m. 10-end, VI: m. 53-end
 Tuba m. 121-128, m. 154-end   I: m. 10-end, III: m. 25-33
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